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A little space where we are all Makers
Come make with us!

Welcome to The Little Makerspace! We are a pop-up art studio, where we teach makers to focus on the process of making and doing rather than on the finished product.  

We help learners utilize exploration, imagination, creativity, and play with traditional and non-traditional art materials through art classes in New Jersey!


The Little Makerspace was founded in 2023 after realizing there was a need for visual arts and process-based arts programs for young children in Northern New Jersey. When searching for arts programs to enroll our own child into, we realized that programs like this didn't seem to exist for children under the age of 5, which is a key time for kids to engage in such activities!


With a background in art and education, we were familiar with the importance of immersing children in such experiences from a young age. Because programs like ours didn't seem to exist in our community, we founded The Little Makerspace to provide children (and adults!) across Northern New Jersey with the opportunity to participate in visual and process-based arts programs.


We are a pop-up art studio, meaning we set up and break down in the spot hosting our programs and classes each time we run a program. Because of this, we have a somewhat limited class and events schedule, and unfortunately do not have any walk-in options available at this time. 


 To learn more about our programs and the skills that we aim to develop, click the button below or visit our 'About Us' page.

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