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About Our Classes & Programs

We are a pop-up, part-time studio with a limited schedule of classes and programs. We are partnered with an amazing creative studio in Westwood, NJ to offer the majority of our classes, workshops, camps and special events! We value an inclusive and diverse educational setting, so most of our courses are open to learners of a wide age range. We are skilled at engaging a mixed group of learners and believe that it makes for an amazing and inclusive Maker-community!


We know that it can be hard to find the time to commit to weeks of classes, so our programs are offered primarily as single sessions, to encourage participation from as many Makers as possible. 

Because of this model, our classes tend to fill up quickly! The Makers on our email subscription list get the first chance to register for events, so make sure to sign up if interested!

Our offerings for children and adults include:

Full-day sessions for Makers that include a mixed variety of artistic play and making. These sessions are typically open to Makers ages 4 and up, and are equally as engaging for older Makers as they are for younger Makers.

2.5 hour sessions for Makers that focus primarily on one artistic process, such as pottery, painting, printmaking, papermaking, and others. These sessions are typically open to Makers of any age! For Makers under the age of 4, we request that a caregiver be present during the workshop.

1.5 hour sessions for Makers that focus on exploring and playing with materials. These programs are very sensory-friendly, and are great for younger Makers, but are open to Makers of all ages and abilities! Please note that these sessions require a caregiver to be present for Makers who are under the age of 4.

1.5 - 3 hour sessions for adult Makers that focus primarily on one artistic process to build and develop advanced skills. These programs make for a great date or friends night out, and are BYOB!

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